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The Financial Products Consulting and Training Centre (FPCT) offers personalised financial guidance and training on diverse products. Contact us for expert support in personal finance decisions. Commercial lending is vital for business growth and stability, providing loans for operations and expansion. Our experienced team specialises in comprehensive financial consulting and training, ensuring informed decisions and successful projects. At FPCT, we navigate the complexities of financial products to help you maximize your investments. Contact us to start your journey.


FPCT provides personalised financial consulting and training for budgeting, retirement planning, and debt reduction. Contact us for expert assistance in managing your finances effectively. Commercial lending supports businesses' financial needs and growth. Our specialised team guides businesses through the lending process, ensuring informed decisions for success. Eight main characteristics are:


Commercial lending characteristics can vary based on country-specific regulations and practices, necessitating consideration of these differences. Two notable types are syndicated lending and project financing. Syndicated lending involves multiple lenders jointly funding large-scale projects, while project financing targets long-term infrastructure projects secured by future cash flows. Both types support ambitious ventures with risk management and sufficient funding. Facility guarantees and periodic drawdowns play significant roles in providing security to lenders and flexibility to borrowers, depending on the loan type and purpose. These features ensure successful execution of commercial lending arrangements.


FPCT provides comprehensive commercial lending training with practical case studies and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning. We emphasize Environmental and Sustainability Considerations in lending decisions. The program is customisable to meet individual needs. Here's the training program outline:

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