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Financial Products Consulting and Training Centre (FPCT) specialises in financial products consulting and training. We offer comprehensive training on various products, including custom services and expert consultations. Empowering clients to achieve financial goals, contact us for expert support in consumer lending decisions.

Consumer lending primarily revolves around providing individual loans, making it subject to stringent regulations, particularly concerning compliance, money laundering, risk management, and pricing. This facet of retail finance is centered on offering loans and credit facilities to individual consumers for their personal use. It encompasses a range of loan types, including personal loans, auto loans, home loans, education loans, and credit cards. The main objective of consumer lending is to cater to the financial requirements of individuals, empowering them to make purchases or meet expenses through borrowing.


FPCT provides personalised financial products consulting and training services to help clients understand and address their personal finance characteristics. Our experts assess financial goals and create customised plans for success, covering areas such as risk tolerance, budgeting, emergency funds, and retirement savings. We offer comprehensive services, including budget review, retirement planning, and debt reduction strategies. Contact us today for personalised assistance in managing your personal finances effectively.

Consumer lending is a financial practice that involves providing individuals with the means to borrow money for personal or household purposes. This form of lending enables consumers to meet their various financial needs, such as purchasing goods, paying for services, or covering personal expenses. The lending process typically occurs between a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, and the consumer. The lender extends credit to the consumer, who agrees to repay the borrowed amount over a specified period, usually with interest. The characteristics of consumer lending can be outlined as follows:


It's important to note that the availability and specific characteristics of consumer lending may vary across different countries and financial institutions, as regulations and practices can differ. There are various types of consumer lending, including:

Commercial Lending: Syndicate Lending, facility and drawdowns, and Project Lending


Financial Products Consulting and Training (FPCT) excels as a leading financial products training and consulting services provider. Specialising in consumer lending, business banking, and investments, our team of experts brings decades of industry experience to the table. Our mission is to equip financial professionals with the knowledge and tools to make sound decisions and deliver top-notch service to clients. We offer tailored training and consulting services to meet each client's specific needs, helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals. Whether you're new to finance or a seasoned professional, our comprehensive courses empower you to confidently navigate the financial landscape.

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