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Financial Products Consulting and Training (FPCT) is a leading provider of consulting and training services for financial products, focusing on FX and Derivatives Instruments. Our expert team offers personalised guidance to optimise clients' financial performance and effectively utilise these instruments for hedging or speculation. We specialise in Swaps, Derivatives, Futures, Options, and other financial instruments, providing up-to-date advice on the market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer tailored solutions to meet clients' individual needs, ensuring they have access to the latest information and technology for informed decision-making. Our services include training courses, workshops, and consulting sessions to enhance clients' knowledge and confidence in the financial markets. Trust FPCT for high-quality service and support in achieving your financial goals.


Financial Products Consulting and Training (FPCT) is a leading provider of consulting and training services, specialising in Swaps, a derivative financial product. Our expert team offers personalized guidance, up-to-date market insights, and tailored solutions to meet individual needs. We equip clients with the tools to make informed decisions and optimise financial performance.

In financial markets, various types of swaps are commonly used, each with unique characteristics and purposes. Trust FPCT for top-quality service and support in the world of Swaps and financial products. Here are some main types:


FPCT specialises in comprehensive training and consulting for financial products, particularly swaps. Our program caters to businesses and individuals seeking expertise in Swap Derivatives. Participants engage in interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies to grasp swap mechanics, applications, and risk management. Upon completion, they gain a solid understanding of swaps, enabling informed decision-making and effective risk management. The program is customisable to meet specific needs and is suitable for various professionals and individuals. Topics covered include derivative markets, swap benefits, pricing factors, market dynamics, participants, and historical development.


This training program is suitable for a wide range of participants, including:

  1. Financial Professionals: Traders, portfolio managers, risk managers

  2. Corporate Treasury Teams: Treasury professionals, finance managers

  3. Financial Analysts: Analysts and researchers

  4. Risk Managers: Risk management professionals

  5. Compliance and Legal Professionals: Compliance officers, legal advisors

  6. Regulators and Policy Makers: Individuals involved in regulatory bodies or policy-making organisations

  7. Consultants and Advisors: Financial consultants, advisors, auditors

  8. Individuals Seeking Personal Knowledge: Enthusiasts and career development

  9. Basic knowledge of financial markets and derivatives beneficial.


Please note that while the program is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of expertise, some basic knowledge of financial markets and derivatives would be beneficial.

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