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Financial Products Consulting and Training (FPCT) is a leading provider of consulting and training services for financial products, focusing on FX and Derivatives Instruments. Our expert team offers personalised guidance to optimise clients' financial performance and effectively utilise these instruments for hedging or speculation. We specialise in Swaps, Derivatives, Futures, Options, and other financial instruments, providing up-to-date advice on the market. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer tailored solutions to meet clients' individual needs, ensuring they have access to the latest information and technology for informed decision-making. Our services include training courses, workshops, and consulting sessions to enhance clients' knowledge and confidence in the financial markets. Trust FPCT for high-quality service and support in achieving your financial goals.

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  • Flexibility: Options used for hedging, speculation, and income generation.

  • Limited Risk: Buying limits risk to the premium, selling exposes to potential unlimited risk.

  • Leverage: Options offer leverage for controlling larger positions with smaller investments.

  • Price Discovery: Options trading reflects market sentiment and expectations, aiding price discovery.

  • Time Sensitivity: Options have expiration dates, requiring timely decision-making.


  • Call options: Right to buy underlying assets, used for bullish strategies and capitalising on price increases.

  • Put options: Right to sell underlying assets, used for bearish strategies and profiting from price declines.

  • Stock options: Based on individual stocks, used for stock ownership, hedging, or generating income.

  • Index options: Based on market indexes like S&P 500, offer diversification, useful for hedging portfolios or speculating on market movements.

  • Commodity options: Based on commodities like gold, oil, or agricultural products, used for managing price risks.

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FPCT specialises in consulting and training services for Options, a derivative financial product. Their expert team assists clients in understanding Options and other financial instruments, offering personalised guidance and tailored solutions. Options grant investors the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specified period. FPCT's training program can be customised based on participants' knowledge and objectives. Here are the main characteristics of options and five types with their applications:


FPCT specialises in comprehensive training and consulting services for financial products, including swaps. Our  program focuses on Options Derivatives, providing interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies. Experienced trainers guide participants in understanding options mechanics, applications, and risk management strategies. Upon completion, participants gain a solid understanding of Options Derivatives, enabling informed decisions and effective risk management. Customisation options are available to meet specific needs. Suitable for professionals and individuals seeking knowledge in options derivatives.


This training program is suitable for a wide range of participants, including:

  1. Financial Professionals: Traders, portfolio managers, and risk managers in finance dealing with options derivatives.

  2. Corporate Treasury Teams: Treasury professionals and finance managers managing risks within organisations.

  3. Financial Analysts: Analysts and researchers expanding knowledge of options derivatives in financial markets.

  4. Risk Managers: Professionals enhancing understanding of options as risk management tools.

  5. Compliance and Legal Experts: Compliance officers and legal advisors with comprehensive knowledge of option derivatives and regulations.

  6. Regulators and Policy Makers: Individuals overseeing derivative market regulations.

  7. Consultants and Advisors: Financial consultants and advisors staying informed on option derivatives for expert advice.

  8. Individuals Seeking Knowledge: Individuals interested in personal enrichment or career development in financial products and options derivatives.


Please note that while the program is designed to accommodate participants with varying levels of expertise, some basic knowledge of financial markets and derivatives would be beneficial.

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