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You Only Have One Objective, Be Smart

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Fund management involves the management and administration of investment funds, such as mutual funds, hedge funds, or pension funds. Fund managers oversee the investment decisions and strategies of the fund, aiming to generate returns for the fund's investors. They conduct market research, analyse investment opportunities, and make portfolio allocation decisions. Fund managers also monitor the performance of the fund, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and communicate with investors regarding fund performance and updates. The primary objective of fund management is to deliver competitive returns while effectively managing risk and aligning with the fund's stated investment objectives.


Fund managers utilise a range of financial products to implement their fund management strategies. The specific products used may vary depending on the investment objectives, risk tolerance, and regulatory environment. It's important to note that the choice of financial products depends on factors such as the fund's investment strategy, risk tolerance, and regulatory constraints. Fund managers carefully select and combine these products to construct portfolios aligned with their investment objectives. Here are some commonly used financial products in fund management:


FPCT can provide consulting services in various areas related to fund management products. By offering specialised consulting services in these areas, FPCT can assist clients in optimising their fund management products, staying compliant with regulations, managing risks effectively, and ultimately achieving their investment objectives. Here are five consulting areas that FPCT can specialise in:


Throughout the training, interactive exercises, case studies, and group discussions can be incorporated to enhance the participants' understanding and application of the concepts. The training can be tailored to the specific needs and level of expertise of the participants, ensuring a comprehensive and practical learning experience in fund management products and strategies.


FPCT's fund management training benefits a wide range of financial professionals, including:

  • Fund Managers: Responsible for investment portfolios and analysis.

  • Product Development Teams: Involved in designing and enhancing fund products.

  • Investment Advisors: Providing investment advice to clients.

  • Compliance Officers: Ensuring regulatory compliance in fund management.

  • Sales and Distribution Teams: Marketing and distributing fund products.

  • Risk Management Professionals: Mitigating risks in fund management.

  • Regulators and Policy Makers: Overseeing and shaping industry policies.

  • Financial Industry Professionals: Expanding knowledge of fund management.


The training caters to both experienced professionals and newcomers in the field.

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