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At FPCT, we specialise in providing consulting and training services to help clients understand the various types of debt-based instruments, their features, risks, and potential rewards. Our expertise enables clients to make informed decisions regarding investing, trading, and managing these financial products.  Broad classifications are:

  • Bonds: Long-term debt instruments issued by governments and corporations, representing loans to the issuer with fixed interest payments and a specified maturity date.

  • Notes: Short-term debt instruments issued by financial institutions and corporations, typically with a maturity of one to ten years.

  • Mortgage-backed Securities: Securities that represent a pool of mortgages, where investors receive payments based on the interest and principal payments made by borrowers on the underlying mortgages.


Title: Comprehensive Training on Debt-Based Securities for Businesses and Individuals


Training Approach:

  • Engaging sessions that incorporate interactive lectures, case studies, and group discussions

  • Hands-on practical exercises and simulations to reinforce learning.

  • Industry experts as guest speakers to provide valuable insights and share best practices.

  • Comprehensive training materials and resources to support learning.

  • Dedicated Q&A sessions to address participants' specific queries and concerns.


  • Suitable for business professionals, analysts, investors, traders, and students

  • Catering to diverse levels of knowledge and experience

  • Focused on investment decision-making, valuation, market dynamics, and trading strategies



  • Customisable program to meet individual needs

  • Content and duration adjustable based on participant requirements

  • Outline serves as a foundation for tailored training experience

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