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Financial Products Consulting and Training (FPCT) is a respected firm specialising in consulting and training services within the financial industry. In addition to well-known securities such as equity, debt, derivatives, hybrid securities, and foreign exchange (FX), FPCT also offers expertise on a diverse range of lesser-known financial securities. These securities encompass a wide array of options, and FPCT assists businesses and individuals by providing consulting and training to help them navigate and comprehend these securities to meet their financial requirements. The commonly classified term for certified securities, bearer securities, registered securities, and book-entry securities is "methods of ownership or transfer of securities." This classification encompasses various approaches and mechanisms that facilitate the ownership and transfer of securities. These methods include:


Please note that the training course proposed is an outline and can be customised and adjusted based on specific training objectives, audience requirements, and available time. FPCT comprehensive training course covering Certified Securities, Bearer Securities, Registered Securities, and Book-Entry Securities.

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