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5 Days Training on Financial Securities

Master Financial Security Instrument

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  • £1,250.00
  • 121 Brooker Road

Service Description

Day 1: Introduction to Financial Securities and Stock Markets 1. Overview of Financial Securities • Definition and types (equity, debt, derivatives) • Role in financial markets 2. Stock Markets and Exchanges • Introduction to major stock exchanges • Listing and trading process 3. Introduction to Equity Securities • Common and preferred shares • Ownership rights and privileges 4. Trading Equity Securities • Market orders vs. limit orders • Order execution process Day 2: Fixed Income Securities and Risk Management 1. Understanding Fixed Income Securities • Types of bonds (government, corporate, municipal) • Coupon rates, maturity, and yields 2. Trading Fixed Income Securities • Bond pricing and valuation • Yield curve and its significance 3. Risk Management in Securities • Market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk • Hedging and derivatives for risk mitigation 4. Valuation Techniques • Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis • Comparable company analysis (CCA) Day 3: Deal Capture, Pricing, and Custody Management 1. Deal Capture Process • Trade lifecycle from initiation to confirmation • Trade capture systems and workflow 2. Pricing Financial Securities • Factors affecting pricing • Role of market data and benchmarks 3. Custody Management • Safekeeping of financial securities • Custodian responsibilities 4. Regulatory Compliance • Key regulations in securities markets • Compliance best practices Day 4: Corporate Actions and Dividend Management 1. Corporate Actions Overview • Types of corporate actions (mergers, splits, buybacks) • Impact on shareholders and securities 2. Corporate Actions Processing • Announcement, entitlement, and record dates • Calculation of entitlements 3. Dividends and Shareholders • Dividend types (cash, stock, special dividends) • Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) 4. Taxation and Reporting • Tax implications of dividends • Reporting and documentation requirements Day 5: Advanced Topics and Case Studies 1. Derivative Securities • Introduction to options and futures • Hedging and speculation strategies 2. Alternative Investments • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) Afternoon Session: Case Studies and Wrap-Up 3. Case Studies in Financial Securities • Real-world examples and scenarios • Analysing securities-related challenges 4. Course Recap and Q&A • Review of key concepts • Open discussion and participant questions

Contact Details

  • Ability House, 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK


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