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5 Days Training on Foreign Exchange

Gain FX Knowledge and Know How

  • Ended
  • £1,250.00
  • 121 Brooker Road

Service Description

Day 1: Introduction to Foreign Exchange (FX) • Overview of the foreign exchange market • Major participants in the FX market • Currency pairs and exchange rate determination • Basics of spot transactions • Role of central banks in the foreign exchange market • Factors influencing currency exchange rates Day 2: FX Forward Contracts and FX Futures • Forward contracts and their applications • Introduction to foreign exchange futures contracts • Hedging strategies with forwards and futures • Pricing and valuation of forward contracts • Comparing forward contracts and futures in FX trading. Day 3: FX Options and Swaps • Introduction to foreign exchange options • Option strategies for risk management and speculation • Currency swaps and their role in managing currency exposure • Valuation and pricing of options and swaps • Hedging strategies using options and swaps Day 4: Risk Management and FX Trading Strategies • Market analysis and forecasting techniques • Developing effective risk management strategies • Trading strategies for profit generation • Managing operational and liquidity risks in FX trading • Impact of macroeconomic factors on currency movements Day 5: Regulatory Environment and Compliance • Regulatory frameworks in foreign exchange - An overview • Compliance requirements for financial institutions • Anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations • Best practices in risk and compliance management • Regulatory impact on FX market participants

Contact Details

  • Ability House, 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK


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