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Equity-Based Securities Training

Stakeholding Responsibilities and Performance-Enhancing Strategies

  • Ended
  • 1,350 British pounds
  • 121 Brooker Road

Service Description

This structured 5-day program offers participants a comprehensive understanding of equity-based securities, combining theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and real-world case studies. A structured 5-day training program on Equity-Based Securities: Day 1: Introduction to Equity-Based Securities • Significance of equity in financial markets. • Overview of equity-based securities: common and preferred stocks. • Equity ownership characteristics, rights, and benefits. • Types of equity-based securities: common stock, preferred stock, equity derivatives. • Equity valuation methods and techniques. • Interactive discussions and Q&A session. Day 2: Fundamental Analysis and Valuation • Fundamental analysis for equity-based securities. • Evaluating financial statements and key ratios. • Valuation methods: P/E ratio, P/B ratio, dividend yield. • Analysing market trends and factors influencing equity prices. • Exploring equity markets, stock exchanges, and participants. • Practical exercises and case studies. Day 3: Technical Analysis and Trading Strategies • Technical analysis for equity-based securities. • Forecasting using chart patterns, indicators, and oscillators. • Developing trading strategies based on technical analysis. • Risk management techniques and tools for equity trading. • Fundamental analysis techniques for equity valuation. • Trading simulations and hands-on practice. Day 4: Equity Portfolio Management and Risk Mitigation • Principles of equity portfolio management. • Building and diversifying an equity portfolio. • Risk management through asset allocation and hedging strategies. • Performance evaluation and monitoring of equity investments. • Equity derivatives: options, futures, and swaps. • Leveraged trading strategies and margin trading. • Group activities and portfolio simulation. Day 5: IPOs, Regulatory Compliance, and Capstone Project • Understanding IPOs and the process of going public. • Exploring secondary offerings: rights issues and follow-on offerings. • Analysing the impact of equity offerings on existing shareholders. • Factors to consider when participating in equity offerings. • Assessing IPO process preparation and activities. • Evaluating opportunities and considerations for investors in IPOs and secondary offerings. • Equity-based securities and Project management (Capstone Project Presentation style) • Recap, certificate distribution, and networking opportunities.

Contact Details

  • Ability House, 121 Brooker Road, Waltham Abbey, UK


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